Kitchen Wire Basket.

Every Kitchen Needs One

A staple in any modern kitchen, Hexa Kitchen Wire Basket is a precision cut from premium stainless steel with a classic chrome tint for a clean and modern aesthetic. The basket is designed to encourage air circulation and discourage moisture buildup, making sure that your food items are always fresh and mold-free.

Kitchen Wire Basket

Plain Basket

Partition Basket

Cup & Saucer

Plate Basket

Thali Basket

Box Cutlery

Adjustable Box Cutlery

Sheet Box Cutlery

Bottle & Glass Basket

Vegetable Basket

Grain Trolley

Bottle Pullout 2 Shelves

Bottle Pullout 2 & 3 Shelves

Bottle Pullouts 3 Shelves

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At Hexa, we are passionate about crafting the best quality kitchen and furniture hardware and fittings using cutting edge technology and hi-tech precision machinery. We provide the best in class modular kitchen hinges and solutions, Telescopic Channel, Auto Hinges, Soft Close Hinges, along with being among the best Kitchen Basket Brands in India. Watch the video to know more.